Electronic Filing and Recording of Documents

"E-Recording" is the process of filing and recording documents at the county court house via the Internet that would otherwise be sent by express mail or a courier service. Using our simple system your documents are submitted electronically to the county and then returned to you as an officially recorded document. E-Recording is a government priority and we have worked tirelessly to streamline this process. There is no account necessary and no set-up fees. You can submit your document in minutes.

What is E-Recording?


Pricing for E-Recording

After you have scanned your document at your office, you will upload the document into our secure server. We will deliver the document electronically to the county, resulting in almost instant document recording information. After we get it back from the court house, we will send it back to you as an officially recorded document. It will have all the county recorder's digital stamp information embedded on the document.                     

The County Recorders "love us" as we do all the work for them. Accordingly, the savings passed to you, our customer. The only charge is the Normal County Recording fee plus a $399.95 Service Charge per Document. The Service Charge is only $399.95 for a 1 page Deed or even a 30 page Mortgage. E Record Now is cheaper and faster than mail or any delivery service.

Get Started Now

Get Started Now... No set up fees and No account necessary. Just set up a login and get started:

1. Scan your document on your computer.
2. Upload the document to our secure server.
3. We will record your documents electronically with the county and then return it back to you recorded by email.
4. You will be charged a $399.95 Service Charge.


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